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Scholarship benefits


Support for the implementation of individual mobility of students and staff will contribute to cover the subsistence allowances, insurance costs, travel and visa expenses, and, where applicable, participation (tuition fee) and research costs for mobile students.

The table below summarises the unit costs per type of mobility, with the exception of the additional allowances for female scholarship holders and the travel and visa costs:

Type of mobility

Subsistence allowance (per month)

Participation costs (per academic year)

Research costs (per academic year)

Insurance costs (per month)


Maximum allowance


600 €

3.500 €

600 €

75 €

Max 24 months

25.000 €


900 €

4.000 €

2.000 €

75 €

Max 48 months

71.700 €


1.200 €



75 €

Max 6 months

7.650 €

Research costs and participation costs: only eligible for mobility of ten (10) months or more. The unit costs are per student and per academic year (see Glossary).

The minimum duration of the mobility is three (3) months for master students and doctoral candidates (i.e. one academic semester) and one month for staff.

The maximum allowance in the table includes one extra monthly allowance as settling-in allowance of EUR 600 for master students and EUR 900 for doctoral candidates. However, it does not include the additional allowances for female scholarship holders nor the travel and visa costs.

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